Negative Effects of Dieting

When a person wishes to participate in a diet, limit what they eat or drink in order to become healthy or lose weight.
Healthy eating habits can improve the overall health of a person on a diet and prevent complications such as diabetes and heart disease . However, when the diet process is not done properly , the person may be a victim of some of the negative effects of the diet , such as a weakened immune system .
This negative effect of the diet can affect the body’s ability to cope with the changes caused by diet and adapting new behaviors.
To better understand some of the negative effects of the diet , it is understood some of the variables that occur in the body that makes the difference in your success or failure diet.
Calories are needed to provide energy and aid in maintaining proper bodily functions . If you consume too many calories for a diet , not only to increase the fat content of your body , but you will notice the difference on the scale. Eating too few calories your body will suffer from this deficit.
The negative effects of diet when it comes to carbohydrate consumption can be seen when a dieter can not distinguish between what is considered a “good carb ” instead of ” bad carbs ” .
Carbohydrates are an important energy source for the human body . ” Bad carbs ” are present in foods full of sugar , like soda and candy.
To avoid the negative effects of diet, you should choose carbohydrates that are easily available in the whole cereal grains , rice and corn.
The negative effects of regime occurs when a dieter does not get enough fiber in your system. Fiber is found in grains, nuts and many like pinto and kidney beans .
Soluble fiber has a positive influence on the health of a person on a diet, as it can reduce cholesterol. Insoluble fiber fights constipation and hemorrhoids.
If a dieter does not consume enough foods rich in protein , they experience some negative effects of the diet.
Suggests that 10% to 20% of calories consumed each day should contain protein. Proteins are used to create the red blood cells and regulate enzymes and hormones. Protein can be found in meat , milk , cheese and eggs. A diet be at a loss as to avoid these foods .
When a person begins a diet, one of the main objectives pursued lose weight is to increase or improve their appearance.
Healthy Weight Loss and dangerous
One of the negative effects of regime occurs when a dieter goes too far and try to lose weight becomes unhealthy and dangerous drastically . This can lead to life-threatening situations such as bulimia , anorexia and binge eating.
Bulimia is a negative effect of the diet , as the diet becomes repeat cycles of bingeing and purging is not good for the body. Bulimics are usually vomiting , laxatives and diuretics abuse to achieve a certain look . Many bulimics often suffer from depression.

Negative Effects of Dieting

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